Tips for renovation preparation

When it comes to renovating a home or a specific space, we tend to focus more on the vision that we have instead of the steps leading to that goal. Renovations can be extremely tough, both physically and mentally. Sure the internet has great advice on renovating and really helpful DIY tips, but physically getting down to business is what it’s all about. Before you start doing anything, talk to those who have been through the journey that you are about to take. Learn from their experiences and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the advice on offer. Secondly and most importantly, seek professional help. Renovations are not your typical “do it yourself project” and definitely requires professional input from a building maintenance contractor.

Here are four basic tips for renovations:

1. Be courteous. If you’re renovating within a residential area be kind enough to alert your neighbours. This will build trust and also allow neighbours to be understanding.

2. It’s always important to keep in mind the risk factors that accompany renovating. Make sure all valuable furniture are kept in a safe storage place and also keep any external areas covered.

3. Try to budget slightly more than the numbers on paper, when building there can be unforeseen expenses. 10% contingency above the budget to allow for unaccounted expenses.

4. Inspect the property before you decide to give the go ahead. Do as much planning as possible with your contractor and make sure all plans are agreed upon and documented by both parties before going ahead.

The best thing that you can do is to keep a steady and positive mind set. Think of it as a small stepping stone leading towards you having your dream home. Focus on each step and doing it properly.