The Pancare Story

Pancare Properties was established in February 2009, to provide a property projects, new residential developments and building maintenance services to clients in Cape Town and surrounding areas.


To become a leader in the construction industry by delivering exceptional quality, fostering sustainable practices, and shaping the built environment with innovative solutions that exceed client expectations.


Our mission is to provide technical and professionally outstanding services, while knocking down cost but still increasing value to our clients. At Pancare putting extra into the ordinary to create an extraordinary result, is what both we stand for and live by. We refer to it as, doing it the “PANCARE WAY”.

We keep our overheads low so that savings are passed on to our clients. A big part of mission is improving and developing one of our biggest assets, our People. Relationship building, adhering to employment policies and equal opportunities is part and parcel of our approach to our people.

By employing qualified people, putting the right processes and procedures for the right purpose in place, sums up the PANCARE mission.

Pancare Properties

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We are dedicated to providing professional services with cutting edge technical workmanship. At Pancare we believe in providing our clients with cost effective and efficient services without sacrificing quality whilst still maintaining excellent service levels.