Pancare Properties how to light a room

Ask any photographer what makes a great picture and they’ll most likely refer to the light around an object! When renovating you’re space lighting is definitely something that should be considered in advance. The way we choose to place lighting and the style of lighting unit plays a huge role in how a space will look once complete.

Paying attention to the details of a room such as where natural light comes from, how big the space is and if there are any features or functional areas will assist in finding the right lights.

In this post Pancare Properties takes a look at some of the different lighting options available.

Suspended Lamps

These have made a huge comeback in recent times and we can see why. They offer a natural and simplistic style and work great in most spaces especially kitchens and lounge areas.

Suspended lamps interior design blog


Chandeliers are for the classic look and feel. They add a sense of warmth and class to any space. They are generally reserved for more public areas in a home such as living rooms and passages and are definite must for those looking for something unique.

Chandelier interior design


These are simply a great option for absolutely any room or space. On their own they can be used to highlight a section of a room and simply by adding them in rows they can light up an entire room!

Expert Tip* If you choose this option make sure you’re electrician sets up the switches according to how each downlight should work and if any should work independently.

Downlights interior design

Clustered Spotlights

Another good and functional option. These lights can be placed as the main lighting unit for any room and work very well in bedrooms and personal studies.

Spotlights interior design

Neon Lights

These lights work extremely well in the bigger spaces as they offer alot of coverage and have a simplistic style.

Neon lights interior design

Whatever you’re preference for lighting style all different bulbs and lights will usually come in an energy saving LED or the like, so now you can light up your space and be energy efficient.

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The opinions expressed in this article are guidelines only. All spaces are different and before embarking on any renovation an assessment of the space should be done.