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Floors are an integral part of any space they are not only walked on but they also play a big part in setting the tone and feel. Whether in an apartment, house or city office when it comes to the places we regular there’s nothing better than being in a space you feel comfortable in.

Depending on personal preference there are a few general guidelines for setting the tone and look and feel of an interior space when renovating or building. In this post Pancare Properties looks at how flooring contributes to the overall feel of a room and an overview of what different types of flooring has to offer a space.

Vintage and distressed wood

This type of flooring is great for a home study, small office or creative space it has a unique and retro feel is hard wearing and easy to maintain.

Vintage distressed wooden floor

Solid wood

A staple favourite for many, wooden floors offer a contemporary yet cosy feel and also create a feeling of open space.

Solid wood floor


Carpets create a warm feel they are great for bedrooms and lounges or any place that is in need of a cosy feeling. Depending on the type of carpet they also work well in offices, they do need a bit more maintenance than other options as the fibres will need vacuuming regularly.

Carpet on floor

Solid block ceramic tiles

Hard wearing and a great option for areas with a lot of traffic such as dining rooms, lounges and kitchens. They create a welcoming feel and add a sense of comfort.

ceramic tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Great for creating a clean and polished look, they have a natural shine and bring a light feel to any space.

Porcelain Tiles

Laminate flooring

A good alternative to solid wood flooring they are easy to maintain and install and offer a contemporary and spacious feel. They also come in a variety of wood tones.

Laminate flooring

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The opinions expressed in this article are guidelines only. All spaces are different and before embarking on any renovation an assessment of the space should be done.